PrintFab Company

PrintFab is the latest company from the Technical Materials Group. Which have one of only few printers in Europe which allows us to print in HD quality image printing up to 1440 dpi and on materials up to 100 mm thick.

A family business with old fashioned business ethics blended with contemporary design, state of the art production and modern thinking

We offer a comprehensive, design, cut and print service. With all manufacturing taking place within our state of the art UK manufacturing plant. We support a wide range of industries providing;

  • Large format flatbed and vinyl printing with HD print quality. Our printers are capable of, printing directly onto materials up to 100mm think. Our print capabilities are not to be confused with print shops, We are capable of processing materials up to 3000mm x 1500mm x 100mm thick! All our inks are UV stable
  • CNC Routing – CNC routing provides fast and accurate shaping of materials such as Woods, Plastics and Composites in 2D and 3D geometry. Suitable for small and very large format workpieces, our CNC routing facilities allow us to undertake a range of creative and mechanical projects. Bed size: 3.7m x 2.6m x 0.27 high.
  • Non Metallic Laser cutting – Utilising the latest technology, we provide laser marking, laser engraving and non-metallic laser cutting for a diverse range of technical and decorative applications. Precise cutting and engraving of a wide variety of non-metallic materials up to 1300 x 2500mm in size.
  • Waterjet cutting – We provide a wide range of abrasive and non-abrasive waterjet cutting. We employ best in class nesting software ensuring we can deliver high material yield. Bed size: 1.5m x 2.5m.

At our very core, we are a UK manufacturer delivering quality printed, cut and shaped components to our customers using an integrated supply chain approach. This ensures that we become a partner to our customers maximising value for money.

If you have any current or future project that you think we can support or you want to know more about our capabilities than please contact us on 01952 947390 and we will do all we can to help.

Note- Our sister company Tech Material is also able to source your materials and enable the logistic using our world-wide network if required (see