Manufacturing Services

At PrintFab we have a plethora of manufacturing techniques at our disposal. We are constantly developing new products, enhancing existing products and creating bespoke products for an array of problems.

The following process are all based within our British manufacturing plant in the West Midlands.

Foam Processing

  1. Vertical Cutting
  2. Horizontal Cutting
  3. 3D 2 Axis Profiling
  4. Precision Sheet Slitting

Cutting and Shaping

  1. CADCAM Water Jet Cutting
  2. CADCAM Abrasive Water Jet Cutting
  3. CADCAM Large Bed Routing
  4. Automatic Die Pressing

Lamination and Adhesive

  1. Automated Heat Lamination
  2. Adhesive Spray Shop
  3. Film Lamination
  4. Specialist Laminate Bonding


  1. RAL controlled Colour spray shop
  2. Sewing and Upholstery Shop
  3. Fabric Wrapping Shop

With all the above process contained within one ISO9001 approved facility, we can ensure the highest quality standards and reduce the inflated costs and lead times associated with outsourcing processes.